COVID-19 Policy - what to expect...

When you arrive - You must:
- Be on time; Do Not arrive more than 5 mins early or late.
- Wait outside of the shop but please be close enough so we can see you or make your presence known, complying with social distancing rules, until you are invited in by a member of the team.
- Arrive alone, unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or carer.
- Wear a mask or face covering, one will be provided if you do not have one.
- Your temperature will be taken upon entry; anyone displaying an above normal temperature will be refused entry and service.
- Use the hand sanitiser provided upon entry.
- Observe social distancing when within the shop.
- Toilets are for staff only (with exceptions of any clients that are pregnant, suffer from an IBD condition or similar. Please let your barber know so they can accommodate you with discretion.

If you display any symptoms of illness upon arrival service will be refused until you are well again.


Due to the risk of COVID-19 we may wavier any cancellation fees in our cancellation policy if:

If you feel unwell; cancel your appointment online; if it is less than 24 hours until your appointment phone us on 01474 247707 to inform us you cannot make your appointment, leaving an answerphone message if we are unable to answer; follow government and NHS guidance and do not rebook until you are well enough again.

If you do not comply with these terms, you may be refused service and you may not be entitled to a refund.