Best of British - Supporting British Manufacturing

Here, at Allen's Barbershop in Gravesend, we consciously make the effort to stock British Brands and where possible those predominantly manufactured in England.

Morgan's Pomade

We stock a range of men's grooming products, for hair, the body and face, from one of Englands oldest male grooming brands Morgan's Pomade; an award winning manufacturer dating back to 1873. With their lab and manufacturing facility located just down the M2 in Whitstable their focus is now on producing classic products with a modern day environmentally aware ethos.

Out with the old - Uppercut

Although popular amongst ourselves and our customers we made a hard decision to sever our ties with Uppercut Deluxe. Being made in Australia comes with a lot of associated air-miles and CO2 impact that does not reflect our future ambitions; to fly something half way around the world for your hair when there are some just as great, and better value, products made locally.

Kent Combs & Brushes

Another brand we have stocked a few small items from for years is Kent GB & Sons. Founded in 1777 making Combs, Brushes and Shaving accessories by hand in England, receiving the royal warrant in 1955.

We are currently testing out a few other, UK made, men's hairdressing and skincare brands and hope to offer you a wider selection of British grooming products in the near future. (Even possibly our own).